Historical Tornado Damage Statistics


· The most tornadoes in a single year occurred throughout 2003, when 1, 376 tornadoes have been reported. 2003 also added the highest amount of tornadoes in the ten-day period (May 1st to May 10th): 412. May 2003 additionally tripled the average amount of tornadoes for the month having a total of 543 tornadoes, compared to any average May overall of 180.

· The Tri-State Tornado in March 18, 1925 claimed probably the most lives of virtually any single tornado, killing 689 men and women in 3½ hrs on its extended 219-mile track. This tornado in addition was the third-fastest tornado on record, traveling at nearly 60 miles / hour.

· The the most tornado deaths in a single year following the actual inception ofofficial severe weather prediction by Air Force officials throughout 1951 occurred within 1953, when 519 men and women died from 422 tornadoes. Three of the most deadly tornadoes in history occurred in that year in three distinct places: Waco, TX; Flint, MI; and Worchester, MA.

· The costliest tornado of all time occurred on May 3rd, 1999, when an F5 tornado devastated Oklahoma City, OK suburb of Moore. This tornado caused over $1 billion us dollars in damage.

· The the majority of tornadoes occurring over a short period of time on April 3rd and 4th, 1974. This tornado outbreak, known as “Super Outbreak”, produced 148 tornadoes within just 24 hours via Michigan – Alabama. Several cities within this outbreak were struck twice from distinct tornadoes, including Harvest, AL,
which experienced {an F5 tornado {at7: 15 pm and also anF4 tornado at 7: 45 pm.

Below is the Fujita-Pearson Scale, a scale devised to determine estimated wind speeds from a tornado’s damage.

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